Alfred Yubico Authenticator

Alfred Workflow to filter and retrieve TOTP codes from your Yubikey

Alfred Yubico Authenticator

I've been using this custom Alfred Workflow to streamline my 2FA logins with my Yubikey. Some websites support U2F is super convenient. I insert my key, press the button, and I'm in! Quick and secure!

Unfortunately, not all websites or apps support U2F. Fortunately, my Yubikey Neo supports TOTP (aka. app gives me a six number code). Yubico provides a desktop and Andoroid app that will allow retrieval of these codes using the secure storage on the key.

Still, this method requires me to insert the key, launch the desktop app, search for the proper site, copy the value, then paste it into the website. Not bad, but not great. I figured that we could do better!

With the goal of streamlining this process, I used a python package to build a workflow to quickly search as well as paste in codes automatically. It does depend on some system utilities that I've installed using MacPorts. This means that getting rolling with this new workflow requires a little manual work.

To use it, check out the repo and follow the install instructions from the readme!


Update: The latest version of this workflow has been rewritten in Go and no longer requires additional dependencies installed via MacPorts. Download the release from the link above and install.